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When you walk through the doors of Southern Panorama Indriya Resorts and Spa in Munnar, you leave one world behind and enter another: a bygone period. We became the Best Honeymoon Resort in Munnar because we were ensconced in the cocooned luxuries of a beautiful plantation paradise, redolent with the gently enticing aroma of coffee and spice. Guests like the Affordable Budget Cottages that we provide and consider them to be the best cottages in Munnar. Allow the Spirit of the Land to infiltrate your entire being and gently guide you on a personal journey of discovery.

Our Munnar honeymoon packages for couples allow them to find a vernacular depth to luxury that is wonderfully freeing. This gorgeous resort provides an unparalleled wildlife experience and sweeping panoramic landscapes, making it the ideal Luxury Resort In Munnar For Honeymoon and Welcomes couple with Honeymoon Packages in Munnar for 3 days, the three days of tranquility.

Rooms are the heart of every resort. When you plan a beautiful staycation at the Best Honeymoon resort in Munnar, You expect the rooms & hospitality to be equally fantastic. Southern Panorama Indriya promises to deliver its guests the best experience

All of the rooms are elegantly decorated to make you feel at home. This Luxury resort in Munnar offers premium rooms that suit your preferences, much like the Pinterest images you have been saving. From Jacuzzi Villas to wooden cottages, mountain view rooms to tree houses, Southern Panorama Indriya is a treat to experience.

This famous tree house resort in Munnar also caters to your photography needs. All rooms are highly aesthetic to alter your Instagram Feed game forever. Early reservations are typically encouraged to secure the best rooms.

This stunning resort offers unrivaled wildlife interactions and expansive panoramic views. Southern Panorama excels in terms of hygiene standards as well. Ensuring your safety is our first priority. Safe & secured rooms, villas & cottages for your utmost privacy is another advantage here

Now comes the most important part, If you are looking for an ideal resort with a peaceful vibe to spend some quality time yourself, with family or friends give us a ring!

We are awaiting you at the beautiful hills!



- Start From ₹4500/-

Twin rooms, independent kitchen and regal interiors everything with a classic touch and an ideal traditional architectural charm is the speciality of Maalika.

If you like to experience the magnificent beauty of authentic Kerala houses then this has to be your choice!


Mountain view

- Start From ₹5000/-

Waking up to the lovely view of the Mountain where the sun glows on you and give you a pleasant and happy morning these are the highlights of the Mountain View cottages at the Bird's Valley Resort.

We promise you a unique holiday experience and a perfect panoramic view of the surrounding hills to make your mornings extra special.

best honeymoon resort in munnar cottages in munnar
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Honeymoon Cottage

- Start From ₹6000/-

As you wish to spend some private time together, to enjoy a candlelight dinner under the stars and mark it memorable, Our warm cottages with private terraces are the best to go for. Honeymoon cottages come with all facilities and better privacy ensured.


Wooden Cottage

- Start From ₹7000/-

The wooden cottage captivates all eyes with its traditional charm and the spectacular design and style add up to its uniqueness. The classic wooden furnished room comes with a relaxing view along with all other amenities. If you are looking for a peaceful and pleasant stay this has to be your choice.


Two Bedroom Cottage

- Start From ₹8500/-

Two-bedroom cottages are perfect for families, couples or even friends who are looking for a homely experience. Bedrooms with a view and common dining space are the other highlights.


Jacuzzi Villa

- Start From ₹8000/-

An opulent and contemporary villa features a private jacuzzi.The décor, which is done in muted tones, adds to the relaxing atmosphere in this room, which has been well arranged for your comfort.
Experience the epitome of luxury, exclusive, and tranquil, with a Jacuzzi, top-of-the-line facilities, and stylishly decorated villas.


Tree House

- Start From ₹9500/-

Tree houses made of wood that are made by robust stilts and soar into the canopy of trees. The house is perched on the brink of a cliff, giving it a spectacular view of the mountain mist. An adventurous streak to appreciate the novelty of living high above the earth, surrounded by flora and with amazing views of the plantation below from the wrap-around balcony.
The tree houses are also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and attractive ethnic-themed decor. You'll feel as if you've been transported to another universe because of the breathtaking vistas.


Pool villa

- Start From ₹12000/-

A tranquil, secluded setting where you may relax and unwind in the waters of your own private pool, which views gorgeous mountains and sloping plantations. It has an en-suite bedroom, living space and is charming and large.
With a huge master bedroom and a light living space that opens to the outside, affording panoramic views of the surrounding environment, the Pool Villas provide the air of a private property. Discover cleverly designed places for quiet or family time, featuring a private outdoor swimming pool, the ideal place to relax.